Orchid and Sea Salt

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Embrace Tranquility and Serenity with Special Crystals

These carefully selected crystals are dedicated to infusing your space with relaxation and relief from stress. Elevate your surroundings with the calming scent of sea salt and orchid, enhanced by the delicate whispers of organic lavender and rosebud botanicals. Crafted from all-natural Coconut Wax and accompanied by a soothing crackle wood wick, this candle is a vessel of tranquility.

Unveil the energies that enrich this creation:

🔮 Amethyst: As you light this candle, let Amethyst's soothing energy envelop you. Experience relaxation, improved sleep, and a connection to the universe, all amplified by its affinity for crown chakra healing.

🌿 Howlite: Invite the gentle calm of Howlite into your space, releasing stress and inviting relaxation to permeate your environment.

After the candle's glow fades, the journey continues:

Once the candle's flame has completed its dance, the journey continues with the crystals that remain. These Reiki-charged natural crystals hold the potential for energy healing, a lasting gift to extend the candle's legacy of serenity.

Elevate your space with love and light:

This candle isn't just a creation; it's a conduit for the serenity you seek. As the fragrance envelops you and the energies of Amethyst and Howlite intertwine, embrace the aura of tranquility that unfurls. With each flicker, this creation radiates peaceful vibrations, casting a soothing spell that lingers long after the flame.