Sacred Smudge

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Elevate Your Space with the Revered Sacred Smudge Candle

Embark on a journey of purity and renewal with the cherished Sacred Smudge candle, a perennial favorite that graces homes seeking to cleanse negativity and embrace the radiance of love and light. An essential tool for monthly or more frequent rituals, this candle revitalizes your surroundings without the overpowering scent of sage. Infused with the warm and comforting fragrance of Crème Brûlée, it transforms the cleansing experience into a soothing ritual.

Within the luminous embrace of this creation, uncover:

🕯️ Premium Coconut Wax: Immerse yourself in the soft luminosity of premium coconut wax, a canvas for the transformative power of the Sacred Smudge.

🔥 Crackle Wood Wick: Ignite an auditory delight with the mesmerizing crackling wood wick, evoking the calming sounds of nature.

🕊️ Hand Poured: Each candle is crafted with precision and care, embracing artisanal authenticity in every flicker.

🌿 Organic White Sage and Lavender Flowers: Elevate your cleansing ritual with the presence of organic white sage and the delicate touch of organic lavender flowers.

Reiki-Charged Crystals for Intention:

  • Amethyst: Set a tranquil ambiance as Amethyst's energy nurtures your surroundings. From meditation to Crown Chakra healing, it facilitates your connection with universal energies, enveloping you in a serene environment.

  • Tourmaline: Infuse your space with happiness and positive energy as Tourmaline clears and purifies, welcoming in the purest intentions.

  • Tigers Eye: Invite protection and the energy of lower Chakra healing into your space, empowering your intentions with strength.

Crafted with devotion and light:

The Sacred Smudge candle isn't just a creation; it's a vessel of intention and transformation. As the fragrance envelops you and the energies of Amethyst, Tourmaline, and Tigers Eye converge, allow this candle to guide you towards renewal and purity. With every flicker, it becomes a conduit for the highest good, casting a luminous glow upon your path of love and light.