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Elevate Your Space with the Coveted New Year's Blessing

In response to fervent requests, we present a candle crafted for abundance, protection, and the promise of new beginnings as we embrace the arrival of the new year. Infused with the dynamic energies of Tigers Eye and Moonstone, this creation is a beacon of positive transformation.

Discover the elements that comprise this radiant candle:

🕊️ 100% All-Natural Coconut Wax: Immerse yourself in the soft luminosity of coconut wax, a medium that carries the essence of new beginnings.

🔥 Crackle Wood Wick: Ignite your senses with the mesmerizing sound of the crackling wood wick, an auditory testament to the transformation taking place.

Reiki-Charged Crystals:

  • Tigers Eye: Invite the energy of protection and courage into your space with Tigers Eye, a guardian of your intentions and aspirations.

  • Moonstone: Embark on a journey of new beginnings with Moonstone, a guide through the cycles of change and a conduit for divine feminine energy.

Elevate Your Space:

This candle is more than a creation; it's a vessel of intent and positive energy. As Tigers Eye and Moonstone dance in harmony, the candle's essence resonates with abundance and protection, ushering in the new year's potential. With every flicker, this creation becomes a catalyst for transformation, inviting you to embrace the journey ahead with hope, courage, and open arms.