Fallen Leaves

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Embrace the imminent arrival of Autumn Days! A yearning for the aroma and sight of fallen leaves brings anticipation. Enriched with the energies of Moonstone and Carnelian, this candle ushers in an era of fresh starts, Crown Chakra communion, and Root Chakra grounding.


🍂 Notes of Citrus, Cinnamon, Green Leaf, Apple, Berry, and Pecan: A harmonious blend that encapsulates the essence of the autumn season.

Welcoming the Autumn spirit, this candle is carefully infused with:

🕯️  Coconut Wax: Crafted from pure coconut wax, ensuring an eco-friendly burn that honors the environment.

🔥 Crackle Wood Wick: Ignite a symphony of comforting crackles, enhancing your sensory journey with its subtle sound.

🔮 Reiki-Charged Crystals:

  • Moonstone: Embrace the divine feminine energy and the potential of moon manifestation. Invite new beginnings and heal your Crown Chakra, forming a spiritual connection that transcends.

  • Carnelian: Ground yourself and harness power. Forge a connection with your Root Chakra, evoking stability and vitality.

With meticulous care, we craft each candle:

A manifestation of love and light, the Autumn Days Candle is poised to elevate your experience. Dive into the autumnal atmosphere, resonating with the energies of Moonstone and Carnelian. This exquisite fusion pays homage to quality, intention, and the enchanting spirit of Autumn.