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 With tons of information in the world, it may be hard to believe that a stone could help improve your health. More so than a lot of other things claiming to help you reduce inflammation, reduce pain, reduce aging, and even cancer. Today I’m going to talk to you about Shungite and why it is so important to have in your home and body.


To understand why it is so important, I want to talk a little bit about where this all comes from. Pure Shungite is only mined from one source on the planet. It is located in Karelia, Russia and is believed by some scientists that a rock crashed into the earth forming ancient deposits of this black stone. Discovered in 1985, this stone is a recent discovery and is currently being used for experimentation of all kinds. In particular, the health and medical field.


Shungite contains Fullerenes, which are the main reason why Shungite is essential to anyone seeking improvement in health. These are molecules in the form of carbon cages, called “Buckyballs.” These spheres are vacuum sealed and are not pierced by any physical matter. This includes electrons or other particles. Only an electromagnetic field can be present within the cage. It is thought to be the link between organic and inorganic matter. Inside you will find only emptiness. A Vaccum bubble. This highly magnetic stone has the potential to protect your body from everyday electromagnetic influences that can be harmful to the human body. This includes cell phones, wifi, towers and many more things floating in the air we can't physically see.


Enough about all that, let's get to the good stuff!



Why are Fullerenes important?


Fullerenes are new to science and are still being used in experimentation. I’ve been able to find many scientific articles on this subject and the source will be listed below. 


  • Fullerenes can be used to regenerate cellular metabolism, stability to the cell including external influences such as heat, viruses, and cancer in the aging process.


  • Fullerenes work as an Immunomodulation in nanomedicines, which means that it modifies the immune system's response. These responses are involved with radiation-induced injury, neuroprotection, drug and gene delivery, anticancer therapy, bone reparation and much more.


  • Not only does Fullerenes fight free radicals, but it also does so while cleaning the body. These molecules behave as the most powerful long-acting antioxidant, In turn allowing the body tissues to have regenerative properties.

As this relates to Crystal Reiki healing, Shungite can be used for anti-inflammatory and has an antihistamine effect. It is also used in root Chakra healing which can help your overall physical health.


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These services are not a substitute for medical treatment or medications.  Diagnosis is not given and medication is not prescribed. Please continue to seek advice from a licensed medical provider.



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