How To: Make Shungite Water

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This divine elixir will optimize your movement toward a healthier clean body. If you're anything like me, you're always wanting to improve your physical health. This is the way to go. 

Why Shungite water?

Raw Shungite remineralizes the water and adds Fullerenes. No other substance on the planet adds Fullerenes to water. These are beneficial as an anti-inflammatory, antihistamine, anti-aging, and an antioxidant. It has also been shown to wipe out heavy metals, bacteria, microorganisms, and harmful substances in your drinking water. 


What you'll need:

These links are what I use, but you can use anything you have on hand. 







Wash the container and sachet at least once a week. You can keep the water by placing in a different container while you clean. In the meantime, You can place the Shungite in the sun for an hour or so to recharge. Raw Shungite is more effective than the silvery tumbles. No matter how often the raw Shungite has been washed, it does leave a very fine suspension of black particles in the water.



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  • I live in New York City. The area is called Washington Heights. We get sprayed

    With chemtrails constantly . So we have this milky sky and little sun.

    My apt. Doesn’t get a lot of sun whenever we get it.

    I am concerned with charging my crystals. So I was wondering if there is a bulb that i can use?

    Sheila on

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