Crystals That Reduce Stress

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The Tech Stuff:

Let's face it, everyone has stress. Whether its bills, family, health, trying to please everyone or even a sink full of dishes it can lead to anxious thoughts. What stresses one person may not even bother another. Depending on your threshold, everyone is different. Some people see this as a weakness, while others look for an opportunity to overcome.

Believe it or not, the way you think affects everything in your body down to the very particle within an atom within a cell within your body. With a single thought, you can change the chemistry and vibration within yourself leading down a road you may not know you're bargaining for. 

All that being said, it's no surprise that stress is one of the leading causes of disease within the body. We are beings in flux. Always changing and moving toward entropy. With that movement comes multiple vibrations within the body, but overall, we have an average vibration. Each and every time stress is induced, chemicals are released from the brain. These chemicals are directly correlated with our immune system. Your subconscious brain is a huge reminder of the past feelings and actions we've had. Those experiences turn into temperments, and if held on too long enough become our character traits. The key is to let it go and stop reliving at the same moment in time that has already passed. Your body relives these feelings every time you think of them and creates a stress response. Today I'm going to share with you some of my top ways to lower stress and realign with yourself.

The Good Stuff:

1. Get yourself some crystals. The reason crystals are so good for us is because of their properties. The vibration is determined by the atoms within the crystal, its color, size, and shape. Unlike human beings, crystals have a very stable vibration. Take a diamond, for example, the tetrahedral structure of the carbon atoms are remarkably stable. As a person who works with crystals on a daily basis, I would highly recommend the following to reduce stress:

Lavender Quartz: Brings absolute joy while opening the heart for healing. 

Amethyst: Provides a tranquil environment while relieving stress. It also helps with addictions of any kind. I like to place these anywhere near my bed and also in my pillowcase. 

Selenite- This is a very powerful healing crystal. Not only is it great for healing but it is always used in cleansing. Placing pieces around your home is well lite areas will create positive energy flow and protection in your home. 

Celestite- While laying down, place this crystal above your head in the crown Chakra position or simply hold this crystal to knock out any negative thinking that may bring you pain, fear, or stress. 

Flourite- This crystal is perfect for carrying in your purse or pockets as a reminder for mental clarity and calm. 




  • Thank you for devoting part of your life to share healthy practices. Reike specifically that can help individuals during such a thick period in history. We all need outlets to reduce tension and provide clarity to continue into the future. I look forward to learning a lot during your journey. Thank you!

    Tiana Correa on

  • That Was amazing! you describe everything perfectly,easily and I understood!! which was amazing often things are so far-fetched you feel overwhelmed that you’re never going to understand it and I truly do I want to so thank you 🙏 looking forward to reading more of your blog !!

    Liz jackson on

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