5 Ways To Use Selenite

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What is Selenite? 

Selenite is a crystal with properties of crystallized white light. Used for bringing purity, protection, and raising your vibration when used in meditation, Reiki Crown Chakra Healing, and in your home. Some also use this crystal for astral projection and communicating with Angels/the other side.



  1. Use Selenite to charge other crystals


  •  Selenite is Self Cleansing and self Charged.
  • Charge other crystal by placing them on top of a Selenite Slab.
  • Although it is self-cleaning, I still put mine out in the moonlight each month on the Full Moon. 
  •  Do not place in water to cleanse as it will degrade the crystal because it is water soluble.


  1. Use for connecting your crystal energy through crystal grids


  • After setting your intention with your crystal grid you can use a selenite wand to activate your crystals. 


  1. Cleanse your Aura


  • Our energetic field extends from our body and may allow energies into it that are unwanted. Cleansing your aura will allow peace and purity to surround you once again. This is highly useful for individuals who are empathic and tend to absorb energies radiating from others. 
  • Use a single terminated Selenite wand and start from the top of your head to your feet.
  • Do this from front to back, and then again side to side. You may ask for assistance from a friend. 


  1. Meditation with Selenite


  • Selenite can heighten your vibration and be used to attune your highest self in meditation. Known to be an “emotional cleanser,” its white light can aid in inner peace and calm.
  • When holding your selenite, you want to meditate for at least five minutes and just concentrate on your crystal.
  • As a reminder, there is no right or wrong way to do this meditation.
  • Imagine the vibrations of white light coming from the crystal and enveloping you in a bubble of peace and protection. The source of the bubble is coming from the Selenite. imagine all of the unwanted energies being sucked out of your body and into this crystal only to be broken down and replaced with white light energy.
  • Let your body guide you in this meditation, remember there are no rules. You can't go wrong!


  1. Use Selenite for protection in your home


  • Use Selenite around your home to boost protection and peace.
  • In Feng Shui, Selenite is used in combination with black Tourmaline or Black Obsidian for the yin/yang aspect in your home.
  • Place Selenite in the windowsills of your home combined with Tourmaline/Obsidian in the corners of your home.

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  • Thank you for sharing! I’m a little confused! Every time I read about crystals like their meanings & what they’re used for, every article says something different! So how am I supposed to know what the real meaning & usage really is for each? (For example, I’ve read to put a selenite stick in every corner in each room of the house for protection.) Is that wrong? Should I move them to the window sills & put tourmaline in all the corners? Please help clarify! I appreciate you! Thanks! Amber

    Amber Phillips on

  • I am just starting with crystals and this was very helpful

    Jeanne poole on

  • I have 2 towers, a wand, and a charging plate.

    Leanne Catlow on

  • Very interesting gives me more information I didn’t know about

    LaDonna Kirkland on

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